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Even after spending a number of years contributing to tools to help integrate Firebase with Redux, such as react-redux-firebase and redux-firestore, I have recently been avoiding using Redux to store database data in new React + Firebase projects. In this article I’ll cover a bit about why, show what I have been doing instead, and finally how to easily start a new React + Firebase project using these tools.


Firebase’s client SDK manages caching and offline support internally. …

Cypress is a great tool for testing the UI of applications, but it was built assuming that your app follows the standard model of data being loaded from a REST API. This assumption means that there isn’t much in the way of examples for systems where database interactions happen socketed clients in systems like Firebase RTDB and Firestore.

Simple page loading examples were not hard to get working, but when starting to try to access protected data/pages a number of questions come up:

How would auth even work for a test user? Going through the full login flow before every…

Why Reside Uses Fireadmin

At Reside, a tech-enabled real estate brokerage, we deal with large amounts of mission critical data associated with home sales, which we store in Firebase’s Real-Time Database (RTDB) and Firestore. As engineers within our team work on adding features to our existing production systems, data often needs to be migrated between Firebase projects.

The migrations include:

  • Copying data from Production to another project for testing
  • Changing the structure of existing data within Production
  • On-boarding new engineers as they join the team
  • Loading a data backup into a project

Initially, we would create simple scripts locally (for simplicity we called it…

Managing data and generating reports on your Firebase data is easy enough to do with simple scripts that are run locally, but this can easily cause problems especially within a larger team. Each engineer with access to service accounts (so that they can move data between environments) adds to the possibility of mistakes happening while moving data.

After personally making plenty of mistakes, including some with real data, it was worth time to create an application for managing/tracking the administration of multiple Firebase instances.

The project is called Fireadmin. It is most easily used through, but it is open…


There have been many questions coming up in the community about combining Firebase with Redux. In this article we will explore the reason for combining the two and go through a simple example.

First, lets start by addressing one of the most common questions within the community:

Since Firebase is already a state management tool, why would I need to combine it with Redux? Why not simply listen for data changes in each component?

Understandable question. Quick answer: Though Firebase stores state, that doesn’t mean that all of your application state should be there. I like to think of it…

Prescott Prue

Author of react-redux-firebase and generator-react-firebase. Mechanical/Aerospace Engineer turned full-stack JS engineer

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